Export to the USA

The Challenge

Module first approached Real Nappies in 2009 about marketing and brand work.  We were quite new to the New Zealand business scene and wanted to get our feet further planted in juvenile products and ride the momentum of a few projects we were currently working on.  After meeting with Liz, Jon and Ivan it was clear to us that could push Real Nappies into new sales channels and support the sales channels through a thoughtful marketing program.

The Solution

We immediately saw an opportunity for Real Nappies to begin selling in the USA. The modern cloth diaper craze had not started yet, but Lucy and Francis knew that with the American consumer being more environmental conscious than ever that the signs were pointing to a movement with an impending huge growth curve.

Growth year-on-year when working with Module.


Year 2 Growth


Year 3 Growth Percent


Year 4 Growth Percent

Brand and Marketing Initiatives

Web Images

We as new products rolled out, Real Nappies used Module to create a number of new web images for their USA webstore and for Amazon.com


Module wrote new brand copy, descriptions and featured benefits for Real Nappies modern cloth nappies.


Module ran a number of marketing initiatives for Real Nappies including their famous ‘Face of Real Nappies’ social media campaign.