How to make good amazon listings – research

Developing a good amazon listing is a perfect combination of 4 basic P’s of marketing. When selling online the most important attribute to encourage the customer’s buying decision is ‘Promotion’. Promotion starts with an eye on the competitors first, so as to understand who are your competitors; what are their product offerings and what are their Unique Selling Points, which is why we have developed our own unique method of mapping competitor’s strengths & weaknesses through “New Product Competitor Analysis” form. The form culls out the brief information about top 3 competitors i.e who is #1 on Amazon with respect to star ratings and reviews, who is the closest competitor on Amazon on the basis of price competition and who is a direct competitor on Amazon with the most similar product.

Amazon New Product Competitor Analysis Sheet

Amazon New Product Competitor Evaluation

Free Amazon New Product Listing Competitor Analysis PDF

The New Product Competitor Analysis Sheet is a strategic marketing tool that we use to identify the competitors point of difference along with the customers general reviews about their products and carve out a conceptual strategy to tackle the competition.

The particulars of the New Product Competitor Analysis form helps in identifying the key strengths of the top selling brand on Amazon. It also gives way for opportunity to understand and target the key selling points of competitor  brands. Secondly, the form gives an overall idea of the closest competitor of our brand on Amazon on the basis of price, which is very important to know the pricing policy of the competitor according to which our pricing policy could be laid out. Lastly, the form notifies us of the direct competitor so that we would be able to also concentrate on the strategies to target develop a better approach than our closest competitors.

In short we can summarize that in order to kick start  the initial phase of developing a good amazon listing it is important to:

  • Search for the similar products on Amazon
  • Read about the products as a result of your search
  • Note the key selling points of your top rated brand on Amazon
  • Identify the closest competitor of your brand on the basis of price comparison
  • Look out for the competitors from your home country
  • Develop conceptual strategy about your listing with respect to the above analysis

After the initial phase of competitor analysis, the next step in developing a good amazon listing is developing the content for your listing and looking for the appropriate search terms.