Amazon Lightning Deals Are Now A Waste

There was a time when Amazon Lightning deals was a great way to move a lot of stock. Now it appears to be a shell of its former self. When Amazon would send you a message saying that you had products approved for Lightning Deals it was quite a treat. It meant that some stock was probably going to fly out the door.

An Amazon Lightning Deal message used to give a definite lift in excitement and a noticeable shot of serotonin causing brief euphoria. It meant we had to rush to look at how much stock we could spare for the event, how much we could compromise on price, and how long it was going to take to get more stock in the market. Somewhere all of that changed.

Amazon Prime Week Proves Weak for Amazon Lightning Deals

This past Prime Week we loaded a good number of Amazon Lightning Deals hoping for some magic to happen. We were not naive in hoping they would go well as we have run a hundred of these events. Even though we have seen a noticeable decline, there was hope that this might be a good one. After all, we are talking about Prime Week at Amazon.

Old Prize Fighter Amazon Lightning Deals
The lightning deals during Amazon Prime Week were reminiscent of an old prizefighter. In their heyday; they were an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, and although they are now past their prime, they might have one more knockout punch. Well, they didn’t, at least not for us and for a large number of high volume sellers that have also had tremendous success in the past.

On a Positive Lightning Deals Note

In spite of the above doom and gloom, Lightning Deals on Amazon Prime Day went as planned. We made some Lightning Deal sales. During the Prime Week (or should we call it Prime Weak ) event Lightning Deals were a non-entity. They went much like when Amazon Lightning Deals run any other day of the year. They used to be good, and now they are not.

Amazon Lightning Deals Conclusion

If you do not have an Amazon account that gives you free access to Lightning Deals and you have to pay the vig of $150+, depending on your margins, it is probably not worth it.

When offered a Lightning Deal on the day of a significant event like Prime Day, Cyber Monday, or other, then it is probably worth a shot.