How to use Amazon Browse Tree Guides

Amazon Browse Tree Guide

Browse Tree Guide: As part of our ongoing Amazon partnership we will need to begin working with you on getting our products into the best possible departments on Amazon. The next step in doing this is to have you properly get to know Amazon’s Browse Tree Guide.

What is a Browse Tree Guide

Amazon gives us the opportunity to choose which department we feel our products belong in.  The way they do this is by giving us a list of all the categories and sub categories to choose from. These categories and sub categories are located on the attached spreadsheet.

What you need to do is review the attached (browse_tree_guide) spreadsheet.

Amazon DE Browse Tree Guide

  1. Go to the middle tab and find the best category. If the category is correct then stop there and make note of the Browse Node ID.




2. If there is a possible even better refinement then click on the link and look at the refinement.

Further refine your Amazon department

Further refine your Amazon department



If the Amazon Browse Tree Guide (BTG) spreadsheet is working properly then you should be swept over to the refinements tab as soon as you click “See Available Refinements”

3. Find the most appropriate Refinement and make note of the
Node ID, Node Name, and Refinement Name.

4. For the Attribute Accepted Values (combo boxes) you will need to click on “click here to view available values” – choose the appropriate answer(s) and make note of this as well.

You will need the information you found so that we can add it to our Amazon upload file, which we commonly refer to as an ‘Inventory’ file.

Browse Tree Guide Node ID and Your Upload File

Most importantly is the Node ID which we will then input into the Amazon Inventory upload file:

Amazon Node Id Image

You can see Amazon puts it right before the bullet points, it is super important.




The Attribute area information you wrote down from the spreadsheet may come in handy for further improvement. It gets put into this area of the spreadsheet.

Amazon Variation Column of Upload FileThis should be enough to get you started on understand Amazon Browse Tree Guides and how they work to further improve Amazon selling.





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