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A glimpse at Module

Module Marketing is a boutique marketing and brand building agency that delivers results through marketing, communications and strategic partnerships with a number of small and medium sized businesses. As an elite team of multidisciplinary specialists, our experience runs deep in marketing, strategic thinking, brand development, positioning, and brand preparation for export.

We are brand builders and excel in taking companies to the next level through a robust understanding and respect of brand fundamentals and marketing principles. We are able to peel back the layers of a company, identify the DNA and take it to forward.

Whether it’s speaking to the technical side of merino fabric or showcasing a property portfolio, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ business. The end result is authentic and effective marketing and communications materials. The best measure of our success as an agency is the success of our clients. Nothing else.

Our team provides a high level of service to a small number of brands positioned to move quickly. As individuals, we are as different as the seasons and provide pointed perspectives across a number of disciplines; but as a team we go all out to achieve the ultimate for our clients.